Check, Please

When's the last time you checked in with yourself?

Attitudes on Gratitude Part I: Different Harvests

From Japanese Niiname-sai to Jewish Sukkot, harvest festivals span global history. Time to revisit America's apocryphal Thanksgiving story.

Attitudes on Gratitude Part II: Turkey Talk

I'm not indigenous, atheist, or trying to curb my excessive shopping, but I belong to another Thanksgiving minority: ethical vegetarians.

Transforming Traditions

Traditions are an ongoing conversation. What will you contribute?

Remembering Gratitude after Tragedy

Taking nothing for granted after the devastation in Paris.

You live the stories you tell yourself. Change your stories, change your life.


Think life could be different? Good instincts. Stuck? Thrown? 
Start here.

On Storytelling

On Storytelling
Everything you know is a story. Everything you think, hope, and fear is a story. Your self-image is a story. Your life is a story.


The more stories you know, the more choices you have. Here are some things I wish someone told me.

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