37 Acts of Self-Respect

Take me, Freedom! by Salvatore Iovene (CC BY-NC-SA)

Take me, Freedom! Salvatore Iovene (CC BY-NC-SA)

To gain self-respect, you need to put yourself first.
―Lorii Myers
Love blossoms from the inside out. ―Jaeda DeWalt
Happiness is the highest form of self-respect.
―Maery Rubin




Do you like who you see in the mirror? Here are 37 ways to exercise or build self-respect. Honesty, creativity, self-expression, and healthy boundaries required. If you feel daunted, start small.

☞ Answer questions honestly.
☞ Risk doing something badly.
☞ Heed your instincts.
☞ Increase your media literacy; debate celebrities and pundits with friends and family.
☞ Hug someone you want to.
☞ Don’t hug anyone you don’t want to.
☞ Start a project to address an issue you care about.
☞ Make music.
☞ Draw.
☞ Paint.
☞ Sculpt.
☞ Make a zine.
☞ Teach others how to do something you can do.
☞ Vote.
☞ Tell your elected representatives what to do; they work for you.
☞ Run for office.
☞ Dress the way you like: buttoned up or stripped down, homemade or haute couture.
☞ Play.
☞ Jump, dance, climb, skip, roll, swing, stretch, hop, sprint, tumble, move your body.
☞ Build something: a bag, a shelf, a shirt, a house.
☞ Invent something that doesn’t exist.
☞ Revive something that’s disappeared.
☞ Remove something that’s harmful.
☞ Share something that excites you.
☞ Plant something, tend a garden, get your hands dirty and make the world more beautiful.
☞ Cook, bake, whip up, or otherwise prepare a delicious meal for yourself.
☞ Care for a more vulnerable creature, like a dog or a child.
☞ Talk with your neighbors.
☞ Write a sincere letter or email.
☞ Do work you love.
☞ Say no when it’s hard but you want to.
☞ Say yes when it’s hard but you want to.
☞ Lead a life you really want, not one that’s handed to or forced on you.
☞ Decorate your environment.
☞ Adorn yourself.
☞ Be the change you wish to see in the world.
☞ Chicas: if rags, sponges, or extraction aren’t your thing, buck the industry and get a Diva Cup.


  1. Love it! Especially hug, play, make the world more beautiful, cook, do work you love, decorate your environment, plant, care for others – and I would add cultivate and nuture friendships!

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