When Little Lies Backfire

White Lies by Caro Spark (CC BY-NC-ND)

A timely reminder that even little lies can backfire—especially when what you’re really trying to avoid is confrontation.

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Of Sex, Gender, Lust, & Loos

Toppled by Summer Skyes 11 (CC BY)

Revisiting the basics as the fight to pee and primp in peace continues.

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Post-Election Recovery: Start Small

fallen short. by Muff McElfresh (CC BY-NC-ND)

Crushed? Dazed? Angry? Scared? Be gentle with yourself. Once you’ve caught your breath and recovered your wits, start small.

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Elections Are a Starting Point. Vote, Then Fight On

Vote for the most competent of our flawed candidates, then spend the next four years working to make our next options better.

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What’s In a Name? Rethinking “Islamic State”

Islam Means Peace Rally by B.C. Lorio (CC BY-NC-ND)

Words have power. They both reflect and influence our worldview, and we take them for granted at our own expense.

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Why Pregnancy Is Not for Me

ritual by Monik Markus (CC BY)

Having babies is natural, but not always ideal. Just because you can reproduce doesn’t mean you should.

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Comparisons Can Discourage—or Inspire

It’s natural to compare yourself with others. But let their successes inspire you, not shake your confidence.

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Because I Said So: The Trouble with Experts

20,679 Physicians Prefer It Toasted by clotho98 (CC BY-NC)

People in power use experts to influence your opinion, but in the end it’s your judgement that matters most.

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Dare to Be Happy

happy antique by Susan Sermoneta (CC BY-NC-ND)

Joy and courage go hand in hand. If you’re looking for change, you’ll have to make one.

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Overlooked Gifts

Surprise by Thomas Hawk (CC BY-NC)

Before resolving to do and be and have more in the new year, let’s take a moment to appreciate the abundance that already surrounds us.

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