When Little Lies Backfire

White Lies by Caro Spark (CC BY-NC-ND)

A timely reminder that even little lies can backfire—especially when what you’re really trying to avoid is confrontation.

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Of Sex, Gender, Lust, & Loos

Toppled by Summer Skyes 11 (CC BY)

Revisiting the basics as the fight to pee and primp in peace continues.

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Braving the Inauguration

Greater Than Fear by Shepard Fairey. Used with permission.

I’m not celebrating. I bore witness to history and steeled myself for the challenges ahead.

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Happy Arbitrary Line In the Sands of Time

When’s the last time you eyed your goals, plans, and progress? However you mark time, it helps to check in with yourself once in a while.

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Post-Election Recovery: Start Small

fallen short. by Muff McElfresh (CC BY-NC-ND)

Crushed? Dazed? Angry? Scared? Be gentle with yourself. Once you’ve caught your breath and recovered your wits, start small.

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Elections Are a Starting Point. Vote, Then Fight On

Vote for the most competent of our flawed candidates, then spend the next four years working to make our next options better.

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Subversive Stories Are Good for You

From "Books Challenged and/or Banned 2012-2013". Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association.

It’s Banned Books Week! I’ve enjoyed or learned from a lot of subversive gems. How many of these have you read?

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What’s In a Name? Rethinking “Islamic State”

Islam Means Peace Rally by B.C. Lorio (CC BY-NC-ND)

Words have power. They both reflect and influence our worldview, and we take them for granted at our own expense.

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Faking It: Anatomy of a Sexy Selfie

Girl in the mirror by Luis Quiles. © Gunsmithcat (Luis Guiles)

A how-to for girls who take their cues from pouting, naked celebrities (read: cleavage = attention = love).

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Your Personal Year in Review

Before you raise a toast to 2016, take some time to appreciate the year you’re emerging from.

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