Check, Please

Picture from Will by Sarah Cady (CC BY-NC-SA)

When’s the last time you checked in with yourself?

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Of Sex, Gender, Lust, & Loos

Toppled by Summer Skyes 11 (CC BY)

Revisiting the basics as the fight to pee and primp in peace continues.

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Winners Speak Up

Bold, heartfelt speeches took center stage at this year’s Oscars. What more could you say about the things that matter to you?

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No Guilty Pleasures

Urtebetetzeak. by Jaione Dagdrømmer (CC BY-NC-ND)

There’s guilt and there’s pleasure. But there are no guilty pleasures.

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Past the Looking Glass

Checking out by Alex Dram (CC BY-NC-ND)

How would your life would change if you scrutinized and fussed over your insides just half as much as your outsides?

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Happy Hiccups of Progress

YouToo by Gideon Wright (CC BY)

Suddenly I’m grateful for the lapsed images in the battle for seamless connection. Unplugged moments are increasingly rare.

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